Ali Noor Blog: Diary Entry No. 1

Something strange happened today……..
A phone call came and I got realllly reallly hurt. And then I got upset. And then I complied impulsively.
And then another call came.  And I realized how beautifully complex, God has made  his mankind.
I realized that I am very lucky to have friends that are sensitive.
I feel resolved

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ALi Noor Blog: What To Do?

Been thinking ke josh mein a ke blog to khol liya….ab likhon kya?Since I have not written anything in ages,  I feel extremely rusty and my experience of writing has always been restricted to writing something really thought out and organized, checking for all the English errors, the punctuation and all that stuff. The ode […]

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Watch Noori’s Yeh Jawaani Cover at The Muzik Awards ’08

Ali Noor Blog: To the Mighty Bug…….an ode

Hello everyone thank you so much for your birthday wishes….I read all the comments but there is one comment that grabbed my attention…its was by the mighty bug and it said
“ho hum ! budhai ho gaye ho saeen !!! time to stop jumping around ? what a down blog waise, where is all the […]

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Ali Noor Blog: Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Well I’ve become pretty disinterested in my birthday, when I was young I desperately wanted to have a grand celebration but never got around to getting one. Reasons were mostly my parents not being able to match my extravagant demands or Moharram! As I grew older and did get a chance to celebrate, the whole […]

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This year Ali Noor lanuching his personal blog.

We won’t say much about the blog here, as we suggest you go and check it out right away! The only thing we may mention is that Ali Noor had always wanted a space of his own… and today he has given it to himself!


Hello world!

 I’d like to welcome you to the wonder of the world: noori club blog. It doesn’t really matter who I am or what I do for living. All that matters is that I’m a noori fan. Yeap! Since the first time that I saw the manva ray video, I said to myself: STOP THE POP AND BRING OUT THE REAL DEAL! Then I saw the tum has diey video, dil ki qasam video and many more…
This blog is the thing that brings out the best of noori band and it’s members. Also, here you’ll have interviews, music videos, concert videos + fresh news on noori world.

Sincerely yours & rock on,


Concert Review: Pakistan rocks out Oslo Mela 2008

Pakistan rocks out Oslo Mela 2008

Ali Zafar, Noori and Jal accompany Sher Miandad, Rifaqat Ali Khan and Bashir Lohar to show Scandinavians how us desis do it

Fizzah Hussain Rizvi

The 8th Oslo Mela, held recently in Oslo, Norway, once again saw the best of Pakistan’s pop, rock and folk musicians take the Norwegian capital by storm. Osloites had not forgotten the stupendous Pakistani performances from 2007 when Ali Azmat, Strings, Rifaqat Ali Khan, Arif Lohar, Iqbal Bahu, Nighat Chaudhry and several others wowed and mesmerized them with live acts.

2008 was no different as once again there was a myriad of Pakistan’s best talent (Noori, Ali Zafar, Jal, Sher Miandad, Rifaqat Ali Khan, Bashir Lohar) along with acts like Stereo Nation from UK, 78 year old Mirilam Makeba aka Mama Africa from South Africa and an Indian Punjabi Bhangra band from Norway who were invited to add to the multi cultural flavour of the festival.

Meanwhile the creative force behind the decorations, ambience and a wonderful Puppet parade (first of its kind in Norway and in Mela’s history) was none other than the brilliant Rafi Peer Theatre Group (RPTG).
Mr Syed Nadeem, one of the organizers of the event, was full of praise for the Rafi Peer group who have been putting in all possible efforts to bring the Pakistani talent (especially folk musicians) to the world and introducing the Norwegians and several other countries with their unique puppet creations.

Queen Sonya of Norway formally inaugurated the festival which was dedicated to the famous Norwegian poet Henrik Wergeland as it was his 200th death anniversary.

Day 1

Noori make a rare appearance

This year saw Sher Miandad render some brilliant qawwalis with two of his Norwegian pupils and the crowd loved this passionate performance.

Classical singer Rifaqat Ali Khan sang a translated poem by Wergeland and the first day was launched at the Rådhusplassen City Hall Square.

One of Pakistan’s favourite rock bands Noori made a comeback through their fantastic performance on the first day of the festival.

Many were surprised to see the turnout for Noori, which was reportedly huge. Brothers Ali Noor and Ali Hamza have been AWOL from the music scene for sometime. And make one-off appearances. But Oslo made it clear that as performers, they haven’t lost their edge.

Noori were joined by Zameer on drums and they started with an English track ‘With You’ and followed it by hits like ‘Suno Kay Mein Hoon Jawan’, ‘Kuttay’, ‘Tum Hans Diye’, ‘Dil Ki Qasam’ and the most requested ‘Manwa Re’.

Day 2

Ali Zafar steals the show

While the second day saw cultural events like a Mushaira organized by the Pakistani Family Network, Deichmanske library, Bydel Alna and the Horisont foundation featuring Pakistani poets from Norway and England, a fashion show by a Pakistani Norwegian Uzma Rehman and a performance by an Indian Norwegian hip hop and RnB singer Samsaya, the actual bangs were the Puppet parade organized by RPTG and the live performance by pop wonderboy Ali Zafar.

The parade featured three giant puppets with two puppet horses while Bashir Lohar and his band performed along.

At last it was time to experience the phenomenon called Ali Zafar. Once again the the energy and the hysteria that erupted as Ali zafar started singing backstage and made an entry in a turquoise kurta and a funky necklace looking as cute as ever. The crowd chanted his name, females screamed and swooned and threw teddy bears at him. He began with ‘Chal Dil Meray’ and followed it by his pop ditties ‘Rangeen’, ‘Channo’, ‘Huqa Pani’, ‘Masti’ and a couple of Kishore Kumar classics. He performed for a good fifty minutes and left the stage with people screaming for more.

Day 3

Jal take the center stage

The third and final day belonged to Pakistan once again as it was Jal’s turn after the crowd were entertained by bhangra artist Harbhajan Talwar, a Norwegian hip hop band called Gatas Parlament (meaning Street Parliament) and a joint performance by Sher Miandad and a Norwegian band Transjoik from Trondhiem who also performed at the World Performing Arts Festival Lahore in 2004.

The stage lights went off suddenly as it was time for the Jal boys to enter. The lights came on full blast and the music kicked off at the same time inviting wild screams from the crowd, who loved every bit of this stunt.

Jal began with ‘Aadat’ and followed it with hits like ‘Woh Lamhey’, ‘Chaltay Chaltay’, ‘Mast Qalander’ and finally ended with their super hit tune, ‘Sajni’.

And even though the performance was short, it was not without energy and star power.

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DSC_0719 What follows may read like an 8th grade school essay…but this is exactly how we felt in our trip to Norway……like school children!!!

26th Aug—between time zones:

On the flight… almost back home… trying to entertain ourselves with movies and sitting in the lap of luxury 10000 feet above the ground… nothing can recreate what we went through the whole of last week!!

It will take pages upon pages and many songs to explain everything, and we can’t do that. Yet we want to share!!

What to do???

let’s try summarizing…


DSC00154 Norway = Heaven on Earth

Ok that might be an exaggeration for we really have not seen that many places in our lives. But until now we’ve never seen a more beautiful place… imagine lush green mountains, oceans, lakes, beautiful women, all in the same place! It’s what you read and fantasize about… and when you see it, you just can’t believe it!We couldn’t stop taking pictures and shooting videos!

Mind you though… you cannot even come close to feeling what the place actually felt like unless you are there yourself. And you have to visit the place more and more to experience the true essence of it, at least that’s what we have in mind!!

Oslo city is amazing! Like any cosmopolitan city – full of life, tourists and Scandinavian beauties – we couldn’t divert our attention from that! … Especially when Zameer arrived, the three of us went on a grand international poondi binge (and don’t think it’s only us Desis doing that stuff!). Mandana has gotten used to it all, and even she helps out every now and then!

In February, we had made friends with a Norwegian couple, while they were visiting Pakistan. Hans Christian Lunder and Anne Mari Graver had then invited us to visit their house, which is on an island, whenever we were in Europe. To everyone’s surprise, the Mela gave an abrupt opportunity to follow up on that offer!! And we had never been on an island ever in our lives!! … So one can imagine the excitement we had about the whole thing!

But before that, we had to do a show… remember? That’s what we were there for!

DSC00066Luckily, Anne’s daughter Dyveke was there to show us around Oslo. A night before the  performance, she took us around the city – saw the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Oslo Opera House, had some great burgers, and then later at night went to this bar to see some really heavy punk metal performances, by some local bands. Although we are fans of such music, we realized that one can only handle such noise for a short time! Sustained pleasure from this music is only for really messed up people!!

Thanks to Dyveke, we got to experience Norway as a Norwegian would!

DSC_0587 It was also great to have Zameer over for the show. We as cousins had been separated for almost 10 years. And ever since Canada happened, it has been non-stop interaction! There is so much we have in common, and so much we share that every time we get together, it is a memorable experience!
On top of that, Zameer is by far the most talented musician in our family. Inshallah people will be seeing a lot more of him, both as a solo act and as a collaborator with noori!

Coming to the part we most wanted to talk about!!….

Børøya… what a place!!! If there is any place where we would like to die, and spend the last years of our lives, it is this island. Down south of Oslo, it took almost 3 hrs to get here. The road trip was itself an eye teaser, but little did we know that when we entered the island, it would be as if we had entered heaven!

You’re almost on top of the world, and the weather is the most pleasant you could ever feel. You’re on top of a mountain range, more than half of which is buried under the ocean (it was ice a few thousand years back). These mountains are lush green with vegetation ranging from huge pine trees to the most beautiful see weed growing at the shores. The ocean is not clear blue but definitely clear enough to see schools of baby fish popping up between ridges.

You don’t have to search for beauty. It’s out there in front of you, wherever you look!

The two days we spent in Boroya were a spiritual experience more than anything else. Although most people visit their summer houses in the summers only, Anne and Hans have been living there since 2000. Hans  is a practicing psychologist in a nearby hospital, while Anne is a meditation expert. And it seemed so natural, that such nice, relaxed and peaceful people would be found in this paradise!

DSC_0714We took a boat ride with Hans and Dyveke around the island; A first in a lifetime experience for all three of us! Navigating water is so much different from land navigation. The whole concept of directions changes!

The rest of our time was mostly spent at their beautiful house where finally we learnt a little about European eating/cooking habits. It is definitely one of the healthiest diets, and quite tasty too!
Our discussions revolved around perceptions of the West and East, about each other. One major yet quite obvious lesson we learnt was that this world is extremely diverse and we must learn how to appreciate this diversity by accepting differences and searching for positive commonalities. Second, we found out how in the west, trends are changing towards pursuing a more traditional lifestyle. Women born in the generation of the feminist movement, which initiated the concept of man and woman living together, instead of getting married – their daughters now are considering to get married instead of just living with men.

Many such discussions took place, and maybe sometime we will share all of them. But for now, we had to go back to Oslo, and then, the next day to Pakistan.

After bidding farewell, we took a train back to Oslo. Found another friend there and ended up inviting him to Pakistan! …

Last day in Oslo was an interview for a Norwegian desi website, so keep a look out for that. And then, finally, we met up with our biggest Norwegian fan – Humera. She came especially to the hotel to get a poster signed!

Now, as we sit here in Pakistan and conclude this entry, we write about the last, yet most important experience of the trip.

Pakistani’s in Norway are the largest minority in that country. And Norway is one really rich country, because of its oil reserves. Out of all the ex-pat Pakistani’s we have come across, we found the Norwegian Pakistani’s to be most well-adjusted in their surroundings. Obviously, there are some extreme elements, such as forced marriages of daughters born in Norway. But it was also great to see a group of Pakistani filmmakers making a documentary on the issue!

All in all, the Pakistani’s are respected in Norway … at least now they are!

In this sense it was a great experience seeing a new breed of young Pakistanis who are prospering. We strongly feel these guys can do a lot for Pakistan. In fact as we travel and come across more and more people in the new generation, we can clearly see that there is great potential for change. We pray for better times, where all of us will be positively involved in building a new Pakistan, and we are quite hopeful that a new chapter is about to begin. History is once again in the making…

Until then… we need to backup all our media data, as load shedding back home has already damaged 2 of our hard drives!!!

Norway… we’re definitely coming back!

Pakistan Zindabad!

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