Watch Zameer – With You Live With Noori In Norway – Oslo Mela 2008

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noori is all set to release their next video (after a visual hiatus of almost 2 years by the way)! The song is called Do Dil. We’ll let the excitement build by keeping the rest of the details  a surprise.

According to the band, this is the best video they have been able to produce so far, and they can’t wait to put it out and get the final verdict from their audience.

The video will be out sooner than we think!!!

Check Out More Pictures From The Video Shoot

Ali Noor Blog: Diary Entry No. 6…..Daadi’s B’day

okay am in delhi after a long 6 hour train ride…which is btw my most favorite journey ever…because of the food and the landscape…but on the way a little kid and then his mother actually jumped of the running train!!!!!
It was really really f&*!d up…i was totally traumatized and still the train did not stop […]

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Ali Noor Blog: Dairy Entry No. 5

Leaving for Delhi in an hour …first trip without Mandana ever since we got married…trying my best to feel unaffected….but i guess it will hit once the journey begins…
…why am I going you may be wondering…well apart from a secret music work (not crappy Bollywood stuff btw!)…I am actually attending Dadi’s 100th Birthday as I’m […]

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Ali Noor Blog: My Secret Blog????

After an exhausting videos editing session…was just unwinding with a cup of tea and skimming through Sunday’s Dawn Magazine section that I cam across this article Poparazzi: The secret blog of a self-assured pop star. Now it took me a second to realize that the pic is mine from a gig I recently did…(me […]

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Ali Noor Blog: The Memory In My Box

Well Hamza is always the wiser of us. It is unbelievable how big our archive of videos and photos is…..and his idea of the memory box is brilliant. It really is a treat even for me…..esp when he pops out one interesting photo or video or documents from his archive Hard disk that I’ve completely […]

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Noori’s Memory Box Launched With Noori First Show Ever

Why launch a memory box now? People don’t do this until a least a decade into their career! Are we feeling old and archaic already? I don’t think so. Our reasons were more about practicality. We wanted to create a noori archive and put it online. We were finding it very difficult to first organize the material (which is massive by the way!) and then put it up.

I came up with this ‘MEMORY BOX’ idea to turn my own laziness into a creatively positive thing, if you get what I mean.


Ali Noor Blog: ….the big deal

So what’s the big deal about Abbottabad…..
Around November 2003….after doing 112 Moblink Jazz concerts in 42 days….all in Karachi, by sometimes doing as many as 4 concerts in a day….it was natural to feel  jaded just 8 months after releasing SKMHJ…2 boys living their entire lives in their parents arms in Lahore, felt really cold […]

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Ali Noor Blog: Dairy Entry No. 4

1:15 am…..and this would be my last night in Abbottabad. Going to back to Lahore tom and then to Delhi…and then to God knows where …. Can’t come back till feb next year at least….
I am lying in my verandah….its soooo quite…. sooo peaceful…
our house is the last in the lane…..right next to it is […]

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Ali Noor Blog: On Leaving

I don’t wanna say good byeAt least I can tryThat this home of mine is there for me to findin my heart and in my mind
I don’t wanna say good byeAt least I could lieto all my friends the trees and the birdsand the breeze that kissed my lipsthe lazy mornings that rocked my crib
I […]

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