Ali Noor Blog: A Reply To Fahad

Hey everyone I just got this this comment on the Wah Wah post and though I could answer it there, I thought I’d make this into a new post and communicate with a lots of others this way….
Comment by Fahd on October 10, 2008 1:49 pm
To get the answer of your question from ali noor […]

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Ali Noor Blog: Dair Entry No. 3

So excited …Shiraz is coming to hang out here in Abbottabad. It is always so much fun. Shiraz is my bestest friend in the musician peers and in fact is like family to us. I think he is the most talented and capable of all of us. I am talking about Shiraz Uppal btw. Someday

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Exclusive Audio: Noori’s Yeh Jawaani Cover At The Muzik Awards ’08


noori performing at TMA AWards '08

The Musik Awards were held at the Expo Center, Karachi on 14th June, 2008. After a long hiatus from the media, noori showed up at the event. They perform a rocked up version of Yeh Jawani. The brothers wore tuxedos designed by Munib Nawaz and had a great time on stage. It was indeed a grand event.

Click here to Download yeh jawani by noori

Ali Noor Blog: wah Wah wah!!

واہ واہ واہٓ!

میرے تو وہم و گمان میں بھی نہ تھا کہ اس قدر آسانی سے میں اردو میں لکھ پاؤں گا!

ایسا لگتا ہے کہ جیسے سالوں سے مجھے اس دن کا ہی انتظار تھا۔ اب خدا کرے کہ سب لوگ اس کو پڑھ پائيں۔ خیر مجھے تو جیسے اک خزانہ مل گیا ہے۔ اردو […]

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Ali Noor Blog: Diary Entry No. 1

Something strange happened today……..
A phone call came and I got realllly reallly hurt. And then I got upset. And then I complied impulsively.
And then another call came.  And I realized how beautifully complex, God has made  his mankind.
I realized that I am very lucky to have friends that are sensitive.
I feel resolved

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ALi Noor Blog: What To Do?

Been thinking ke josh mein a ke blog to khol liya….ab likhon kya?Since I have not written anything in ages,  I feel extremely rusty and my experience of writing has always been restricted to writing something really thought out and organized, checking for all the English errors, the punctuation and all that stuff. The ode […]

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Watch Noori’s Yeh Jawaani Cover at The Muzik Awards ’08

Ali Noor Blog: To the Mighty Bug…….an ode

Hello everyone thank you so much for your birthday wishes….I read all the comments but there is one comment that grabbed my attention…its was by the mighty bug and it said
“ho hum ! budhai ho gaye ho saeen !!! time to stop jumping around ? what a down blog waise, where is all the […]

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Ali Noor Blog: Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Well I’ve become pretty disinterested in my birthday, when I was young I desperately wanted to have a grand celebration but never got around to getting one. Reasons were mostly my parents not being able to match my extravagant demands or Moharram! As I grew older and did get a chance to celebrate, the whole […]

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This year Ali Noor lanuching his personal blog.

We won’t say much about the blog here, as we suggest you go and check it out right away! The only thing we may mention is that Ali Noor had always wanted a space of his own… and today he has given it to himself!


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